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Book a free call to brainstorm COVID-19 marketing solutions

How is COVID-19 affecting your marketing and sales teams?

And what can you do to overcome the new challenges and circumstances you are facing? 

These are very challenging times for everyone, on both a personal and professional level.

We are having to navigate a new normal at home, as well as helping to keep our friends, loved ones and wider society as safe as possible. For many of us, work will not be our highest priority (and rightly so).

However, at the same time, marketing and sales teams will be expected to work as effectively as they can, so that their businesses will be in a strong position to drive forward as soon as these difficult times have ended.

This will be challenging, as many of the tried and tested tactics that we have come to rely on, such as trade shows, in-person sales meetings, product demos etc. are simply not possible during times of social isolation.

Instead, we'll need to rely on remote, digital tools more than ever before to effectively reach, engage and inspire our prospects and customers (i.e. raise awareness, generate leads, nurture them into opportunities and close more sales deals).

We'll also need to rethink our messaging in light of the difficulties our prospects are facing on a daily basis, to ensure it is relevant, supportive and in good taste.

Fundamentally, we know that everyone is worried about how these circumstances will change their jobs and lives.

We want to help where we can, so the BioStrata team has been hard at work crafting a set of marketing & sales strategies, tactics and processes that could help you and your team through this difficult and uncertain time. If this is of interest then we'd love to share them with you.

Our industry veterans are also here for you to bounce your ideas off, gather feedback and generally get things off your chest! 

Therefore, we'd love to invite you to book an hour of time with one of our senior leaders to help plot your course forward. This offer is open to everyone (not just existing clients) and is completely free. To be clear, the advice we will provide will not be dependent on BioStrata's services (the last thing you need is to be sold to right now, and we know that) – it will be tips and tricks that you and your team can use to make your lives and jobs as easy and productive as possible over the coming months.

It may also be that now is not the time for thinking about business and you just want to talk through your worries, concerns, questions and frustrations – we're here to talk about whatever is on your mind.

To request your call, simply provide a few details using the form on this page and we'll get right back to you to get something booked in.