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The BioStrata Team

Meet our team of life science marketing experts.

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Clare Russell avatar

Clare Russell BSc, PhD

Co-founder & Managing Director

Combining strategy, creativity and scientific knowledge, Clare is an industry thought-leader whose passion for life science marketing has driven the agency to where it is today.

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Paul Avery avatar

Paul Avery BSc, PhD

Co-founder & CEO

As an ex-geneticist, life science marketing is in Paul’s genes (he checked). As a marketing leader in the industry, he is passionate about applying the latest tools and approaches to help clients get the best results.

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Simon Guest avatar

Simon Guest

Client Services Director

With 25 years of experience working in client services roles for some of the world’s most pre-eminent advertising and marketing agencies, Simon is passionate about forging enduring and successful business partnerships.

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Jo Butler avatar

Jo Butler

Senior Account Director

A CIM qualified, creative and strategic senior marketer with 20 years of experience in B2B marketing agencies, Jo delivers complete marketing communications plans that generate brand awareness and leads.

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Adrienne Walder avatar

Adrienne Walder

Senior Account Director

Adrienne is a thoroughbred marketer bringing 25 years of experience to the team. She prides herself on thinking differently and developing new ideas with a focus on measurement and tangible results.

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Jessica Grant avatar

Jessica Grant

Senior Account Director

A strategic and thoughtful marketer, Jess loves creative problem solving and working with clients to strategize how their marketing programs can impact their larger business objectives.

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Jean-Pierre Joubert avatar

Jean-Pierre Joubert BSc (Hons)

Senior Account Manager

JP is passionate about learning, whether it’s trying something different or learning a new approach, he’s always pushing to expand his knowledge and ensure he delivers the best results possible for clients.

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Rachael Young avatar

Rachael Young BSc

Senior Account Manager

Having studied Biochemistry at Cambridge University, Rachael is passionate about the fast-paced world of life science marketing and helping to bring new scientific innovations to the people that need them.

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Harkiren Kooner avatar

Harkiren Kooner BA

Account Manager

Harkiren is a highly motivated self-starter who is passionate about marketing and works well under pressure. She prides herself on her strong mindset, immense dedication, and precise focus.

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Nicole Cox avatar

Nicole Cox BSc, MSc

Account Manager

Having studied Nutrition and Health Sciences at the University of Southampton, Nicole brings with her a keen interest and appreciation of the scientific method – which she applies to her already diverse skill set.

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Abby George avatar

Abby George

Senior Content Editor

A creative and strategic communications professional, Abby is a storyteller at heart who is passionate about helping science and technology companies engage with their target audiences through compelling content.

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Tom Hope avatar

Tom Hope BSc

Science Writer

With his experience of scientific research and a keen interest in all things science communications, Tom is making a difference in life science marketing supporting clients with a range of scientific content.

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Emma Radoux avatar

Emma Radoux MChem, PhD

Science Writer

Emma brings with her a love for learning about the latest developments across science, and the ability to transform cutting-edge research into accessible and impactful resources including research news articles and social media posts.

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Leigh Dilley avatar

Leigh Dilley

Paid Media Manager

Leigh is a highly motivated marketer with a strong background and a passion for delivering effective, creative and thoughtful marketing campaigns.

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Lauren Barham avatar

Lauren Barham

Senior Marketing Manager

A strategic and creative senior marketer with over a decade of experience and CIM qualification, Lauren’s career has encompassed a range of industries including B2B, B2C and agency.

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Lynne Thompson avatar

Lynne Thompson ACMA

Finance Manager

Lynne has over 20 years of experience in finance roles within both SMEs and listed companies. She has valuable experience in setting up and running a finance function, ERP software implementations and as a commercial finance business partner.

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Caroline Barley avatar

Caroline Barley AssocCIPD, MHFA

People & Culture Manager

As a successful human resources professional with over 14 years of experience covering all aspects of HR, Caroline is passionate about creating a positive working environment with engaged and productive staff.

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