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The power of design in life science marketing

There are many ways to stand out from your competition, but effective design can be an especially powerful tool.

Our team of world-class designers can help you to build a brand identity that is instantly recognisable across the world. We can also produce content that delivers complex ideas in a compelling way and create professional-looking materials that position you as a premium supplier.

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The challenges of life science creative design


Creativity without sacrificing accuracy

A key challenge in the life science sector is developing compelling marketing and sales assets that have creative punch, but without oversimplifying or reducing technical precision.


Standing out from the crowd

Are you bored of seeing endless images of scientists in lab coats across the life science industry? Then you’re probably not alone. Standing out in our sector is about demonstrating scientific credibility in new and interesting ways that still get attention.


So many formats, so little time

Life science marketers are responsible for producing everything from sales decks and infographics, to emailers, banner ads and brochures. Each asset requires dedicated design expertise (and therefore access to a diverse team of designers).

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The BioStrata solution

Our team has the blend of marketing, scientific and creative skills needed to develop design assets that are impactful while also remaining scientifically credible.


Differentiate your brand

Our team has a proven track record of helping life science companies differentiate themselves through strategic brand building and the production of impactful creative collateral, assets and campaigns.


Whatever format you need

World-class PowerPoint presentations are built by PowerPoint experts. Niche-expertise is also needed to produce remarkable assets like infographics, web pages, brochures and every other asset. Our large and diverse suite of design partners cover expertise in every area you can think of.


Credible science, compelling design

Every design project is overseen by our expert account teams, who bring creative direction and scientific expertise to proceedings. This is how we ensure our creative work will have an impact without oversimplifying or introducing technical errors.

Our creative services

Product and company branding

For branding projects, we leverage market research to create a look and feel that is interesting, novel and likely to drive audience engagement. We then define your brand guidelines and execute this across all of your company’s materials.

Graphic design in a range of formats

Whether you're looking for banner ads, emailers, brochures, case studies, animations, videos, web pages, application notes, infographics or some other format, our team has the expertise to deliver exceptional results.

A robust design production process

Our creative briefing, management and production processes ensure we can quickly understand your vision and translate it into design efficiently and effectively, with minimal feedback or rounds of amends (saving you money and time).

To learn more about our graphic design services, get in touch with our team today.

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Case study

Raising awareness about the importance of high-quality lab water for ELGA

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When we started working with ELGA, part of Veolia and a specialist developer of water purification instruments for laboratories, the brief was straightforward and powerful: “Water is an unsung hero of the lab and undeservedly so. We need to make sure everyone appreciates its importance.”



Collaborating with the ELGA marketing team, we devised a series of impactful infographics as part of a wider inbound marketing program. This was designed to raise awareness of the importance of high-quality water for data and experiment reliability (while also building the ELGA brand and generating more leads).


The infographics were shared many thousands of times of social media, picked up by the life science trade press and even printed for use in laboratories across academia and industry. The pieces helped inspire interest in lab water by delivering important information in a fun and impactful way.

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Get support with life science design

Work with us to deliver creative, impactful design projects… without the production headaches or technical misunderstandings.