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The secret to world-class digital marketing

Digital marketing in the life sciences can be tricky. Which channels will work best? How can you get the most impressions, lowest cost-per-lead and best ROI, while also making effective use of your website, email list and social profiles?

Experience is the key to success. Our expert team will demystify your options and help you execute the best mix of digital tactics to meet your specific goals.

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The challenges of life science digital marketing


The risk of wasting budget

When you are targeting impressions, website traffic and leads, there are so many ways to spend (and waste) your money. Knowing what works in a specific life science vertical market is essential for generating a return on investment and reducing the risk of poor performance.


Using existing assets effectively

Many companies fail to fully leverage their website, social media profiles and email contact database to drive results (and jump straight into investing in paid channels). Could you be getting more from your existing infrastructure (and budget)?


Choosing your channels

Targeting life science audiences through SEO and pay per click ads can be challenging, as relevant search terms often have low search volumes. Meanwhile, many media companies have niche email lists, but it’s hard to know which is best for your needs.

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The BioStrata solution

Finding an agency with the digital, scientific and sector knowledge to get the best results in the life science market is not easy. Here's why we offer the ideal solution.


200+ life science companies served

We have over a century of combined experience in life science marketing, supporting hundreds of companies. We’ll use that knowledge to ensure your strategy, campaigns, channels, messaging and content are all aligned to generate the best results.


Using data to boost performance

Data drives effective digital marketing programs, whether that’s keyword tracking, conversion rates, click rates, open rates and more. We’re experts in using data to ensure your digital marketing programs get even more successful over time.


Deep digital expertise

Whether you need to optimise your website, drive more traffic through Google Ads, improve your email marketing or make better use of social media, our team of internal experts and dedicated digital partners are domain experts in every field you need.

A full range of digital marketing services

SEO, social and paid media

We combine our digital, scientific, and paid media expertise to drive traffic to your website using search engine optimisation, paid advertising, social media, remarketing and more.

Website conversion rate optimisation

It’s not enough to drive traffic to your site, you need to get people to convert and buy. Our team can help improve the conversion rate of your website and landing pages to improve performance. We can also build you a new website if you need one.

Email marketing and lead nurturing

We’ll help you turn new and existing leads into sales opportunities by working with you to build a comprehensive email marketing and lead nurturing strategy.

Marketing automation

Simplify, streamline and enhance every aspect of your marketing process by using software to automate common tasks, improve data management and better track results.

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Case study

Increasing delegates for ELRIG using digital marketing



ELRIG hosts high-quality events that bring together scientists and suppliers across academia and industry to discuss new innovations in drug discovery and development. Our remit was to support the team with a content and digital marketing program designed to increase attendance at ELRIG’s flagship event.


Built on a content marketing approach, we collaborated with the internal ELRIG team to develop and deliver a blogging programme promoted through a mix of social media, email marketing and SEO tactics. The goal was to increase traffic to the website, as well as boost delegate registrations.


Since ELRIG started working with BioStrata, total registrants for its Drug Discovery event have nearly doubled to over 1500. Meanwhile, web visits have increased by over 300% and the organisation's blog has become a well-known destination for insights into the world of drug development.

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