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Create compelling life science content

Content is used across the buying journey in the life science sector to build awareness and trust, drive website traffic, generate leads and support the sales process.

However, many companies just don’t have the time needed within their internal teams to produce content at the required rate. Our team of creative and technical science writers can help, unlocking the knowledge of your technical and commercial experts to fuel your marketing programs.

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The challenges of creating quality scientific content at scale


Your subject matter experts (SMEs) are busy

Unleashing and scaling the insights of your SMEs through content creation is a powerful way to demonstrate your company’s capabilities and attract new customers. Unfortunately, your SMEs are busy, which can slow or inhibit content development.


World-class writing is a professional artform

While many people have competent writing skills, there is a big difference between being able to write and being a professional writer. The best science writers combine technical knowledge, stylistic rigour and creative flair to engage and persuade an audience.


Technical and creative writing are different skills

Creating a technical whitepaper, an animation or a persuasive emailer all involve writing, but they need very different skills. Success across all these formats requires trained storytellers with the technical and creative writing capabilities needed to get the best results.

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BioStrata's science writing services

Our team has the technical and creative writing skills needed to create compelling content across a series of formats.


More than a century of life science experience

Our team has supported over 200 life science companies and our combined experience totals well over 100 years in life science marketing. Our science writers deliver high-quality results, right from the first draft.


Expertise across a range of formats

Whether you need whitepapers, animations, social posts, emailers, ad copy or any other format, we have the experience required. We'll also find ways to repurpose your content across many formats to boost results and make your budget go further.

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Overcome resource bottlenecks

Our proven production process is designed to quickly and efficiently generate world-class content with minimal input and time from your SMEs and customers. We carry the heavy lifting of scientific content creation, so you don’t have to.

The three core components of our science content creation services

Proven quality-control process

We’ve spent a decade honing our content creation process to ensure we deliver high-quality results, first time around. We also require minimal time investment from you and your team, making it easy to create content at scale.

Blending writing and design

Many formats (e.g. infographics, animations etc.), require a seamless blend of storytelling, copywriting and creative design to get the best results. It’s also an area where we really excel (and can help your content stand out from the crowd).

Whatever content you need

Our experience includes: whitepapers, application notes, case studies, social posts, emailers, newsletters, brochures, animations, videos, technical documentation, blog posts, infographics and more. Whatever you need, we can do it.

If you’d like to learn more about how our content creation services can unleash the knowledge of your SMEs, position your team as thought leaders and drive results for your business, get in touch today.

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World-class results

Delighting our clients, their customers and the media

We’ve worked with thousands of people on content projects. Here’s what just a few of them had to say.


Client feedback

"We've worked with BioStrata for more than seven years as we value access to writers who can produce scientific and technical content that is clear and easy to read, as well as partnering with a team that is responsive, reliable and enjoyable to work with."

Eva Tietz
Senior Manager Marketing & PR, Hermes Pharma

Customer & SME feedback

"I'm absolutely amazed at what you produced ... You have an especially charming style and skill … It's been fun working with you on this, and thanks for your creativity."

Graham Russell
Emeritus Professor at the University of Oxford

News editor feedback

"I have known BioStrata since its inception ... Their scientific and business knowledge is outstanding, and their writing abilities are second to none. Couple this with their fervent desire to service their client’s needs ... then you have a force to be reckoned with."

Robert Jordan
Former Publisher and Editor of Drug Discovery World

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Get support with science writing and content creation

We can help you quickly and easily scale content production via our team of writers and designers. Contact us today to discuss how to get started.