05 February 2016| by Ricardo Randall

Got those winter blues? Worry not, the weekend is nigh and the bar-ometre is looking promising. Surround yourself with good substrates and catalyse some fun times. Maybe the office has been a bit stressful and you’re feeling a little denatured? Get on the dance floor and show off your tertiary structure. This is guaranteed to increase your activity and get you feeling good. I heard there’s a good party in the extracellular matrix, but the dress code is hydrophobic and you need a targeting peptide. Don’t worry, I know a vesicle that can get you through. If you want to look sharp, check out the golgi for some nice accessories to put on, and don’t forget to take some ATP with you (AMP is so last year). Don’t be tempted to get the free ubiquitin to wear in the cytoplasm, a friend of mine tried it and I’ve never seen them again. Their partner is just unable to function without them, it’s terribly sad. Also watch out for free radicals on your way out. That’s enough of the safety brief, take some advice from the Fonz and go and have some Happydase! 


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