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Empower your sales team

Working with you, we can help your sales team close more deals through the creation of sales presentations and other assets. We can also provide them with intel, training and automated sales processes to help them consistently deliver key messages, answer common questions and overcome sales objections.

If you want to enable your sales team, our experts can help.

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The secrets to successful Sales enablement


Compelling content

Sales teams require access to presentations, case studies, technical documentation and other content in order to convince and close a customer. This content performs best when customised to meet the interests of each specific buyer persona.


Intel and training materials

The multidirectional flow of customer insights between sales and marketing is essential for success. Marketing can use this information to produce content and training materials that address the challenges, needs, questions and possible objections of prospects.


Systems and processes

Effective marketing and sales alignment can be a catalyst for increased revenue. This means working together to build a shared sales process, with clear definitions and processes to ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction.

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How BioStrata can help

Our team has the mix of scientific, strategic and content creation skills needed to support you with your sales enablement initiatives.


Over 200 life science companies served

We have over a century of combined experience working with hundreds of life science companies. We understand your market, audiences and sales processes, so our advice and support comes from a position of deep knowledge.


Driven by strategy and outcomes

When marketing and sales collaborate effectively, the results can be game-changing. Our strategy team will help you generate marketing and sales alignment, working with you to create systems, process and sales enablement programs that increase revenue.


Sales toolkits across a range of content formats

Whether you need email copy, sales presentations, infographics, training materials, videos, animations or more, our team of writers and designers deliver persuasive content without sacrificing scientific or technical accuracy.

BioStrata's three-pillar approach to sales enablement

Marketing and sales alignment

Sales teams often complain about the support they receive from marketing, citing poor quality leads, inappropriate content assets and more. We can help you build a shared sales process to help overcome these issues.

Insights and training

Market and customer research can be used to sharpen your sales messages, content and processes on an ongoing basis. These insights should be documented in training materials and shared with the sales team.

Content assets

Content such as sales presentations, email templates, case studies, FAQs and more can help ensure your sales team delivers a consistent sales process that gets the best results. We’ll help you develop all the content you need to close more deals.

Whether you need help creating specific sales content assets or want to better align your marketing and sales teams, we can help.

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Case study

Sales enablement to drive better results



The client wanted to reposition its services in a crowded market, as well as arm the sales team with the information needed to help them effectively communicate this new messaging to prospects. BioStrata was engaged to develop new internal and external sales materials to better communicate the company’s solutions to every stakeholder.


We conducted research and developed a detailed understanding of the current needs, goals, challenges, questions and objections of customers. This intel was used to produce a robust “sales battlecard” for training the internal sales team, which was later translated into a series of customer-facing sales brochures.


The sales team reported that it was now much easier to sell the company’s services using the intel in the battlecards. Thanks to a reenergized sales team armed with the best information and new sales tools, this program drove a 10x increase in the size of the sales pipeline.

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Support your sales team

Help your sales team close more deals by providing them with content, insights and training materials they need. Contact us to learn more.