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The power of life science branding

To be successful, your brand messaging and visual identity must demand customer attention, position you as a credible supplier and help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Our team of strategists, copywriters and designers can help you build an impactful, compelling new product or company brand based on market insights and research. Together, we'll help further fuel your commercial success.

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The challenges of life science branding


Accessing the expertise you need

Effective product and company branding requires expertise in market research, message development and creative execution. You’ll need access to dedicated experts who also understand the life science sector to get the best results.


Resourcing branding projects

Most branding projects are a “one-off”. Therefore, it makes sense to outsource the work, rather than hire a team of internal strategists, copywriters and designers with the necessary branding experience.


Balancing creativity and accuracy

Your new messaging and visual identity can help you stand out from the crowd and ensure your brand is always instantly recognisable. However, in the life science sector, creative flair must be carefully balanced with technical accuracy to get the best results.


The BioStrata solution

Finding an agency with the right blend of technical, creative and life science sector expertise is not easy. The BioStrata team has the skills you need.


100 years of life science experience

Our team of ex-scientists and marketers know how your customers think. We’ve also worked with over 200 life science companies over the years, enabling us to bring unique, informed insights to your branding process, saving you time and effort.


An expert team of strategists

BioStrata’s strategy teams can conduct market research, stakeholder interviews, competitor analysis and more to help ensure your new brand strategy will effectively resonate with your customers and differentiate you in the marketplace.


World-class design and copywriting

When it comes to brand execution, our diverse team of writers and designers can develop punchy copy and impactful visuals across a range of formats (e.g. websites, brochures, sales presentations, case studies, ads, emailers etc.).

The BioStrata branding process

Step 1

Market research and insight

We use a number of research and analysis tools to define your brand strategy, including customer interviews, focus groups, market surveys, competitor analysis and more.

Step 2

Positioning and messaging

We develop key messages that are purpose-built for your brand, engineered using our value proposition and buyer persona systems.

Step 3

Copywriting and creative design

Our team of writers and designers will execute your brand across an array of materials, including company operational templates, your website, sales presentations, application notes, and more.

Step 4

Launch planning and execution

An essential last step is to launch your new product or company brand using a blend of marketing and PR strategies, tactics and channels. Our team can help you build and execute your launch plan.

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Case study

Creating a new brand identity for Protagen Diagnostics



Protagen Diagnostics was keen to reinvigorate its brand messaging and visual identity to appeal to a wider range of target audiences, while also projecting a company image that truly represented the high-quality of its products, services and scientific acumen.


Our team conducted customer interviews, internal workshops and desktop competitor research to develop the brand and messaging strategy. We used this intel to define a new value proposition, messaging strategy and creative identity to drive execution.


Brand execution involved a full redesign across all of Protagen’s internal and customer-facing materials, including a new logo, colour palette, key image assets, a new website, company business templates, sales collateral and more.

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