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How to launch a new life science product or service

Launching a new product or service requires a solid marketing plan underpinned by customer research, which is then executed across multiple channels with creative flare and practical precision.

We can help you dig deeper into the goals, challenges and fears of your customers to craft compelling messaging that grabs their attention. Our integrated team can then help build and execute the program across a range of marketing channels.

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The challenges of launching a new product


It can make or break your company

For most companies, a successful product launch can mean the difference between growth and stagnation. Even for large companies with many products, each new launch offers an opportunity to grow market share and reinforce existing customer relationships.


There's always lots to do (and so little time)

There is rarely enough time to deliver the ideal launch. But we can help, by expanding your team to include our strategists, writers, designers, PR pros and digital marketing experts. Together, we’ll help you deliver twice the work in half the time.


You need effective multichannel marketing

The most effective product launches are multichannel and work across the sales funnel to raise awareness, generate leads, nurture leads into opportunities and help sales close deals. This requires a team with a wide mix of strategic and execution skills.

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Our product launch services

Finding a life science marketing team with the technical and marketing experience needed to support your product launch is not easy. Fortunately, you're in the right place.


Proven product launch expertise

We’ve worked with clients across many verticals of the life science sector to help them launch new products and services, including analytical instruments, reagents, lab products, contract services, medical devices, diagnostics and more.


Over a century of life science experience

Our team has supported over 200 life science companies and our combined experience totals over 150 years in life science marketing. We’ll leverage all that experience to support your launch.


Access any tactic or service you need

With an integrated team of writers, designers, social media marketers, paid ad specialists, PR pros, email marketing experts and more, we can help you quickly build and execute an effective product launch plan, at scale.

Our Product Launch Process

Step 1

Situation analysis

Our team of strategists will review your product launch plan with you to see if we can add any extra value (e.g. by conducting customer research, updating your value proposition or developing a creative campaign concept for launch).

Step 2

Tactical planning

With a strong understanding of your audience, goals and current launch plan, we’ll work with you to build out a detailed tactical plan, drawing upon areas across the marketing mix. This will include a clear list of tactical deliverables, accountabilities and deadlines.

Step 3

Marketing execution

Our integrated team of marketing experts can execute your plan in full, or collaborate with your internal experts as required. For clients that already have a defined tactical launch plan, we can often move straight to execution, skipping steps 1 and 2.

What to learn more about how this process could help you with your next product launch? Then contact us today to set up a discussion.

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Case study

How we helped a global instrument manufacturer with a major product launch



A major life science instrument manufacturer was planning to launch a new clinical analyzer, it’s biggest launch in over 5 years. Our team was entrusted to help deliver several elements of the launch plan, integrating with the client team to deliver an impactful, multichannel marketing program.


The BioStrata team created and executed a media engagement plan around the launch that included: media pitching, press release distribution, social media posts, paid ad management, email marketing, media booth tours at events, and content production to underpin the program (e.g. whitepapers, blog posts, infographics etc.).


We achieved significant reach and exposure as part of the campaign, including 1.5 million social media impressions and over 100 pieces of media coverage in the life science trade media and beyond. Our emailers reached over 15,000 clinical scientists across Europe, with click-through rates as high as 10%.

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Plan and execute your best product launch yet

A strong launch can make or break the success of your product. Contact us today and let’s combine our expertise to make your next launch your most successful ever.