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Getting the most from a life science trade show

Trade shows can be a powerful way to generate new leads, reconnect with existing customers, network with key industry players, boost brand awareness and engage with the media.

However, attending trade shows also requires investing a significant amount of effort, cash, resources and time, so you must invest wisely. Our team can help ensure you get the best possible ROI from your next trade show or event.

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The challenges of trade show marketing


Selecting the right events

Which events attract your prospects, are already attended by your customers, have the most industry kudos and appeal, and generate the best leads? These questions are why it can be challenging to know which events to invest your budget in.


Maximising ROI

While trade shows can generate exceptional results, they also cost a lot to attend in terms of time, money and resources. This means there is a lot of pressure to show a return on investment from your trade show spend.


Following up effectively

The best trade show programs don’t just focus on what happens before and at the event, they also include a plan for following up with new leads AFTER the event via email, phone, social media and other lead nurturing approaches.


The BioStrata solution

Members of our team have worked in life science marketing for many years, so we know which events are likely to deliver value for your business (and how to get the best results).


Deep industry knowledge

We’ve worked with over 200 life science companies. We’ll use that experience to help you build and execute a trade show marketing plan that will place you in front of your most important prospects, investors and other key audiences.


Engage the media

Trade shows can be used to engage the media in a time- and cost-effective way, often leading to a big boost in media coverage after the show. Our PR team can organise and manage media interviews and press conferences for you at your next event.


Full marketing support

Trade show marketing can include the creation of banners, booths, sales collateral and other assets. Our integrated team of writers, designers, and digital marketers can help you create all the content and assets you need.

Our trade show support services

Step 1

Strategy and planning

First, we work with your team to build your trade show strategy, whether that’s a 12-month campaign covering all your trade shows for the year, or a specific plan to get the most out of your next trade show.

Step 2

Asset and content creation

Our team of strategists, writers and designers will help you fine-tune your messaging and create any assets you need e.g. trade show booths, banners, leaflets, brochures, giveaways, promotional emails etc.

Step 3

Onsite media management

We’ll help you generate lots of media interest at a show, including pitching, organising and managing media booth tours, interviews and press conferences. Our team will be onsite at the show to ensure all your media activities run smoothly.

Step 4

Lead follow-up

Following up with leads after a show is crucial. Our team can help you scale lead follow up by creating email and phone templates for your sales team to use, as well as email workflows for your marketing automation system.

If you’d like to learn how we can help you get the best results your next trade show then book a complimentary call with one of our strategists today.

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Case study

Maximising brand exposure from a key industry event



Thermo Fisher engaged BioStrata to help ensure the consistent integration of public relations activities around trade shows for cross-business benefit, as well as maximizing the ROI from attending industry events.


BioStrata supported key shows including SLAS, ASMS, AACC, Pittcon, EuroMedLab and others, creating an integrated public relations strategy that included key messaging and supporting materials. We also leveraged our industry relationships to secure media attendance at interviews, booth tours and press conferences.


Our team executed a range of activities to maximize the use of time, expertise and budgets, delivering a comprehensive and consistent story to the media, customers, prospects and other stakeholders (while also securing a wide array of coverage in the media).

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Get the most out of your next trade show

Trade shows require a lot of investment but they can also lead to amazing commercial results. Contact us to learn how we can help.