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Boost awareness, credibility and trust

People can’t buy something they’ve never heard of and they won’t buy from a brand they don’t know and trust. That’s why brand awareness and credibility are essential if you want to fuel commercial success. This is just as true in the life sciences as it is in any sector.

We can help you build brand recognition, so that you’re the trusted supplier of choice in your market and will always be top-of-mind when prospects are ready to buy.

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How to achieve brand awareness in the life sciences


Frequency and repetition are key

Someone has to see or hear your message multiple times before it sticks, which is why frequency and repetition are key components of any successful brand awareness program. Plan and commit for the long haul and you’ll see exponential results.


Tap into the power of the media

A rapid and cost-effective way to expand your reach is to work with editors and journalists at relevant trade, business and investor publications to deliver and amplify your message to hundreds of thousands of people.


Support with paid advertising

Paid advertising requires investment but it’s probably the best way to reach a large audience quickly. Options include display advertising and email marketing, search engine marketing, social media advertising, trade show sponsorships and more.

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BioStrata’s brand awareness services

Our expert team will help you create a multichannel plan to reach all of your key audiences in a way that builds awareness, credibility and trust.


150 years of life science experience

We have a century of combined experience supporting over 200 life science companies. We know which publications have the best reach within specific industry verticals, as well as which paid options are likely to get you the best return on investment.


Deep media relationships

Many of our public relations team have been working with the life science trade and wider corporate media for over 20 years. We’re respected and trusted by the media (so when we pitch an idea, story or other type of partnership to them, they listen).


Multichannel planning and execution

Our integrated team has expertise across public relations, paid media, digital marketing and social media. We’ll use this knowledge to build and execute a multichannel brand awareness program that makes the best use of your budget and gets the most impactful results.

Our brand awareness planning process

Step 1

Situation analysis

Our team of strategists will review your key goals and audiences, as well as the performance of your current tactics. We’ll then be in an informed position to make insightful suggestions for increasing your brand awareness.

Step 2

Tactical planning

We combine the info from our situation analysis with knowledge gained from working with hundreds of life science and B2B companies to build a customised brand awareness plan just for you.

Step 3

PR and marketing execution

Our integrated strategy and execution teams work together to create, manage and deliver every part of a multichannel brand awareness program (including PR, copywriting, creative design, digital asset creation and more).

Could our approach help increase the visibility of your company, products and services? Contact our team to find out more.

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Case study

Increasing brand awareness for Thermo Fisher Scientific



Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry Division required an agency partner with the expertise needed to leverage earned and paid media activities to raise awareness of its 12 business units across a range of life science verticals.


BioStrata has supported the client for several years delivering a brand awareness program that includes media pitching, news releases, social media and content creation to help fuel awareness across a wide range of channels. We’ve also supported the internal client team with paid media activities.


Working together, the combined team has been able to significantly improve results, including an ongoing stream of impactful media coverage across a range of outlets. Meanwhile, the paid media and wider content promotion programs have increased brand awareness and boosted the delivery of leads to the sales team.

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Increase awareness and recognition

We can help you increase brand awareness through a wide range of integrated channels and tactics. Contact us to learn more.