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Marketing and PR for Life Science Associations

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How we help associations and media companies succeed


Build an audience

To effectively grow an audience, life science industry organisations and media companies focus on objectives such as attracting members, subscribers and event attendees. Our team has significant experience in delivering on these types of goals.


Drive community engagement

Industry associations need to keep their communities engaged by delivering an ongoing stream of compelling content, including in-person events, webinars, blog posts, online forums and more. We can help you create the content you require.


Form strategic partnerships

One way for associations to increase their reach and impact is to partner with other industry organisations. Our integrated marketing team can help you define your “partner value proposition” and communicate it to other industry stakeholders.


Generate revenue

Industry associations generate revenues through member fees, corporate sponsorships, advertising, trade show space rental and a range of other approaches. BioStrata can help build and execute marketing programs to support these goals.

Example clients we’ve worked with

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Case study

Driving event sign-ups for ELRIG



ELRIG events bring together scientists and vendors across academia and industry to discuss innovations in drug development. We support these efforts through programs designed to raise brand awareness and increase attendance at ELRIG events.


Using content marketing, we collaborated with the internal ELRIG team to deliver a blogging programme promoted through a mix of social media, email marketing and SEO. The goal was to increase traffic to the website, as well as boost delegate registrations.


Since ELRIG started working with BioStrata, registrants for its Drug Discovery event have nearly doubled. Meanwhile, web visits have increased by over 300% and the ELRIG blog has become a well-known destination for insights into drug development.

Marketing and PR for Industry Associations

We offer a range of services to help industry associations, event organisers and publishers reach their goals. Not sure which services you need? Then contact us for a free consultation.

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We can help you attract subscribers and members, serve your community through compelling content and increase revenue. Contact us to learn more.