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The power of lead nurturing

There is untapped potential in your contact database. It might be opportunities hidden in old sales leads generated from previous programs, or current customers that are perfect for cross-selling and upselling. All you need to do is implement effective lead nurturing.

Our team can help you assess the opportunities available to you and then build a lead nurturing machine to consistently generate more revenue from your contact database.

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Why invest in lead nurturing?


Unleash the potential of your CRM

If many contacts in your CRM database have never bought from you then there will be opportunities to drive increased revenue through lead nurturing. What’s more, most companies could (and should) be generating more sales from existing customers.


Maximise your lead gen investments

Life science companies spend significant sums of money on lead generation campaigns, trade show attendance etc. but so many of those leads disappear into their CRM system, never to be contacted again. Sound familiar? Then lead nurturing can help.


Leverage your customer relationships

As the old adage goes, it’s much easier, faster and cheaper to sell to an existing customer than it is to generate a new one. Are you maximizing your connection with current customers via dedicated cross-selling and upselling campaigns?

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Our lead nurturing services

Effective lead nurturing in the life sciences requires a blend of scientific, strategic and execution skills to develop systems that will deliver ongoing results. We can help.


Lead nurturing experts

The BioStrata team has expertise and experience planning and executing lead nurturing programs that leverage email, social media, remarketing, marketing automation and other approaches to systematically keep you top of mind with prospects and customer alike.


Planning AND execution

Our integrated team of strategists, writers, designers, and digital marketing experts can help you identify your lead nurturing weaknesses and opportunities. We’ll then develop your process and create all the content and tools you need to get better results.


200+ life science companies served

We have over 150 years of combined experience in life science marketing, working with a wide range of companies. We know what content works best at each stage of the buyer’s journey in this sector to help nurture your contacts from prospect to customer.

The four key elements of effective lead nurturing

Strategy and process

What happens when a lead enters your database? Does this differ based on factors like lead source? When are leads handed over to sales? Together, we must answer such questions to create an effective lead nurturing process.

Database segmentation

Effective nurture programs deliver the right message to the right prospect/customer at the right time. To achieve this it is necessary to ensure your contact database is segmented in a usable and effective way.

Impactful content

Lead nurturing requires great content, whether that's effective remarketing ads, persuasive email copy, or compelling content offers that speak to the needs, goals and challenges of your target audiences.

Marketing automation

Scaling a lead nurturing program to deliver customised messages to small segments of prospects is challenging without automating processes such as custom audience creation, lead scoring and email marketing.

Our team can help you build and execute an effective lead nurturing strategy based on the components above. Contact us today to learn more.

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Case study

Supporting a global CRO with lead nurturing



A well-known and successful CRO had experienced great success generating leads and were keen to better leverage their marketing automation system (HubSpot) to nurture more of these leads into sales opportunities.


Through a series of collaborative strategy workshops, we worked with the client to improve contact database segmentation and build a series of customised lead nurturing email workflows designed to appeal to specific segments of the database.


The client used the new strategy to develop a series of emails designed to re-engage lapsed leads and move warm leads through the sales process. Early results saw a significant increase in lead engagement (e.g. increased email open rates, click rates etc.)

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Increase revenue from your contacts and customers

Lead nurturing strategies can help you unlock hidden opportunities in your contact and customer databases. Contact us to learn how.