Too cool for school

13 November 2015| by Michelle Ricketts

Well it’s here - the dreaded winter! Much beloved small talk topic of strangers the world over, the weather is officially on its way to freezing. Yep, it’s that time of year when noses are running, cheeks are rosy, toes are numb and your fingertips turn into ice blocks. Well not literally but you know what I mean and that’s at a mere 0°C, unless of course you’re liquid nitrogen! Clearly far too cool to follow the laws of physics for other liquids like water, it takes an extreme -210°C to stop this supercool element in his flow. Even when things are heating up, his ultracool state is enough to induce a state of entropy envy amongst the melting ice cubes. Working in the lab I’m sure you’re O-2 familiar with LN2 (and the endless health and safety forms that come with it) but hey it’s Friday so sit back, relax and chill out. Although it’s probably best not to get too chilled – cryopreservation should be left to your samples and cells.

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