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Marketing automation readiness assessment

Find out if your company is ready for marketing automation.

MAuto tool

Is your company ready for marketing automation?

Marketing automation systems can offer powerful tools for life science marketers to automate previously repetitive tasks. Put simply, they save time, effort, resources and money.

However, the decision to implement marketing automation should not be made lightly and a clear plan for automation implementation should be established.

To help life science organisations with their planning, we’ve put together a free 10-step marketing automation ‘readiness’ tool that will assess how prepared your organisation is for marketing automation. Simply provide your answer to each question to receive a marketing automation 'readiness' score.

Once you've provided your answers, you'll have the opportunity to receive a free recommendations report (sent directly to your email) recommending practical advice and actions based on your specific answers. Using the report, you can ensure you have everything in place to hit the ground running and set your automation system up for success.

Get started with our free marketing automation 'readiness' assessment today to kickstart your approach to marketing automation.

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