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Content audit readiness assessment

Find out if your company is ready to carry out a strategic content audit.

Content audit tool

Is your company ready to carry out a strategic content audit?

Performing a strategic content audit is necessary for marketers in the life sciences sector to maintain and produce content that is relevant and effective. By taking the time to complete a content audit, you will have the insight you need to make your existing assets work harder, and know how you can create the most time- and cost-efficient content to make your marketing budget go further. However, while content audits can be powerful tools, they require a lot of specialist skills and knowledge to do well. 

To help life science organisations with their planning, we’ve put together a free 10-step content audit ‘readiness’ tool that will assess how prepared your organisation is to perform a strategic content audit. Simply provide your answer to each question to receive a strategic content audit 'readiness' score.

Once you've provided your answers, you'll have the opportunity to receive a free recommendations report (sent directly to your email) recommending practical advice and actions based on your specific answers. Using the report, you can ensure you have everything in place to carry out your strategic content audit.

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Note: In our experience, we've found that the best, and most valuable audits, are those completed by content strategists who have experience in analysing content in this way. What's more, in the life sciences, a content strategist with a scientific background and industry knowledge will be able to more rigorously assess, identify gaps and develop a more effective strategy than general strategists. Therefore, if you do not have the internal expertise to complete a life science content audit, we recommend working with a specialist agency.