Five reasons why working as a science writer at a life science marketing agency could be your dream job

29 October 2019| by Paul Avery

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Do you love writing about science, but feel you haven’t found the right outlet for your talents? Perhaps you’ve written blogs or news articles as part of your current role, but want to spend more time doing what you enjoy most — telling scientific stories in engaging and creative ways. You could be a freelance science writer who wants to spend a little less time chasing clients, and more time developing new skills with some of the industry’s leading talent. Or possibly you’re an experienced in-house copywriter looking for a fresh perspective and some new scientific stories to get stuck into. If so, then maybe working for a life science marketing agency on scientific content creation is for you.

We’ve put together five compelling reasons why you might love working as a science writer at a life science marketing agency like BioStrata, and why it could be the best next step for your career.


If you're interested in finding out more about our open roles, take a look at our current opportunities.


1. Write about a diverse range of life science topics

One of the most rewarding things about working as a science writer at a life science marketing agency is the mix of topics you’ll get to work on. When you’re supporting clients spanning the entire life science spectrum, including the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical diagnostics, fine chemicals, lab automation, and medical device sectors, every day presents a fresh opportunity to apply your writing skills to new and exciting subjects. If like us, you love learning about the latest developments in the life science field, and relish the opportunity to be among the first to share ground-breaking advances with a diverse range of audiences, you’re in good company!


2. Create a wide range of creative content

Of course, it’s not just the diversity of the science you’ll get to enjoy. As a writer at a life science marketing agency like BioStrata, you’ll have ample opportunity to turn your creative talents to a range of different writing styles and content formats. From trade media articles, blogs and eBooks, through to sales brochures, infographics and video scripts, the mix of content you’ll create reflects the broad variety of challenges our clients face.

The need to intuitively change your writing style from conversational blogs to peer-reviewed book chapters to punchy email copy, for example, is pivotal to creating great content that resonates with our clients’ target audience. So if you love variety and are keen to take on new content forms to expand your writing skills, then agency life could give you the diversity you seek.


3. Learn about the science of marketing

The more time you spend working in marketing, the more you realise it’s a science in and of itself. A key part of what we do involves identifying the bottlenecks in what marketers often call the sales or purchasing funnel — the journey prospective customers take when buying products and services. By using engaging and relevant content to encourage potential buyers to take the next step along this journey, we help our clients achieve their goals.

It may sound simple, but there’s a whole lot of strategy and skill behind the solutions we provide. As you work on projects across our PR and Inbound teams, you’ll see first-hand how meticulous research, careful planning and the awesome execution of innovative marketing strategies can deliver outstanding success for our clients.


4. Connect with some of the industry’s top talent

Another perk of working in a world-class marketing agency is the people you get to meet. At BioStrata, we work with many of the life science sector’s leading brands, and as a writer, you’ll often find yourself interviewing industry experts and key opinion leaders to learn more about their company’s cutting-edge science or exciting technological innovations. 

5. Work with global leaders in life science marketing

As a science writer at BioStrata, you’ll also be working closely with our internal experts— collaborating with our account management teams on briefs, brainstorming creative solutions, and working together to create high-quality content that truly exceeds our clients’ expectations.

What’s more, by working closely with our experienced content experts, you’ll have access to the training and support you need to take your science writing to the next level. It’s this combination of energy, creativity, knowledge and teamwork that helped us win a Queen’s Award for Enterprise, an achievement we’re all particularly proud of.


Agency life: Exciting, engaging and always rewarding

So there you have it, five reasons why the next exciting chapter in your scientific writing career could be at a global life science marketing agency. If you’d like to know more about working in life science marketing and the opportunities available at BioStrata, why not look at the science writing roles we currently have open within our growing team.


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