Specialist marketing agency BioStrata is shortlisted for 3 UK Agency Awards

20 September 2022| by Lauren Barham

BioStrata team

BioStrata is on a mission to help our clients bring 100 game-changing products to market by 2030 and transform the world through the power of science. Working with some of the world’s leading life science companies, our team combines 150+ years of world-class marketing skills and PhD level scientific knowledge that we use to help our clients connect people and technology, drive scientific discovery, and make the world a better place.

We’re delighted to be UK Agency Awards finalists for ‘Marketing Agency of the Year’, ‘B2B Agency of the Year’ and ‘Best Small Agency of the Year’.


Why does BioStrata exist?

Life science professionals can only push the boundaries of research, develop new medicines & diagnostics, and tackle the climate crisis if they have access to the best technologies, tools and services needed to make real progress. However, they can’t buy things they haven’t heard of and won’t buy from companies they don’t trust.

That’s where BioStrata comes in. We help life science companies overcome these challenges by delivering messages that will truly resonate with the goals, needs and pain points of their target audiences, thus helping the organisation to:

  • increase market awareness of their products and services
  • generate sales leads
  • nurture leads into opportunities
  • provide sales teams with the materials and support they need to turn opportunities into customers.

We provide a win-win-win scenario. Scientists and other life science pros get access to the tools they need, our clients are successful, and the world gets the scientific and healthcare improvements required to make the world a safer, healthier, cleaner place for everyone (you can learn more about our marketing services here).


What’s the secret to our success?

BioStrata’s unique “3Ps” business model covers People, Purpose and Profit (in that order). By putting our team first, we can achieve our purpose of bringing game-changing scientific offerings to market by doing a great job for our clients. This brings in the profits needed to further invest in our people, fuelling the BioStrata flywheel. You can read more on this in our 3Ps blog post.

What makes BioStrata unique is we truly understand the markets our clients operate in. We have built a multifaceted team of specialists that combine deep scientific expertise with significant marketing knowledge… and speaking of our amazing team, one of our Account Managers, April Taylor, has also been shortlisted as a finalist for the ‘Rising Agency Star’ Award.


What’s it like to work at BioStrata?

In this blog post, we can only provide a snapshot into life at BioStrata. However, in summary, we believe that by attracting and retaining like-minded people and clients who live and breathe the same core values, we can give everyone the opportunity to reach their full potential, do great work together and enjoy themselves doing it.

We recently sat down with some of the team and asked them what it’s really like to work at BioStrata. Here’s an insight into what they had to say:

“I've worked at other agencies previously, and at BioStrata it really is that team culture that makes it different and stands out from other agencies that I've been at. There's no real sort of competition or ego amongst anybody within the team.”

Jo Butler, Senior Account Director at BioStrata


“You're not just doing it because it's a job, you're doing it because it’s your passion. That passion really is there and it's infectious. You cannot get through a company meeting without laughing your head off one moment, feeling really proud the [next] moment. It's amazing. It's the best place I've worked at.”

Jean-Pierre Joubert, Senior Account Manager at BioStrata

Watch the full video below to hear from some of the team about what it's like to work as part of the BioStrata team...


What would winning mean to BioStrata?

Without our fantastic team and clients, being shortlisted for awards like these simply wouldn’t be possible. This is why our “3Ps” business model mentioned previously is so important to us. We’re so proud of everything we all do together day in and day out, and we love celebrating our combined achievements. Winning one of these awards would help us give the team and our clients the external recognition they deserve (and give us another reason to celebrate them!).

We’d like to wish all the finalists the best of luck, and we will see you in September for the awards ceremony!


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