5 reasons why your website needs a blog

18 June 2015| by Clare Russell

I was recently asked by one of our clients, “Why should we bother adding a blog to our website? There’s already so much noise on the internet, what we say will be lost.” Before we launched into a lengthy debate, I was able to show our website stats and demonstrate to the client the sheer amount of traffic to our site because of our blog. And it's not just our company that has benefited from having a blog: Hubspot research has shown that companies that blog have 55% more website visitors than those that don’t.

Blogging is without doubt, one of the most important assets to any life science inbound marketing strategy and it’s a perfect complement to your life science website design. So, here are our 5 reasons why you need a blog.

1. Blogging is the best way to drive traffic to your site

Blogging is often the number one way to increase organic traffic to your site. Each blog you write is another webpage and therefore another opportunity to be found. The more content you have that is relevant to your audience and the more frequently you are posting content, the more your traffic will grow.


2. Blogging establishes you as a thought-leader

Blogging gives you a voice and some control over your brand. Think about some of the questions your customers and prospects have posed to you and develop a blog around the subject. You might want to pick one theme per month and provide a downloadable offer as a call to action (CTA) during that month. For example an eBook on your theme of choice. Basing this on the needs and challenges of current customers is the perfect way to show that you understand (will effectively serve) your prospects.


3. Blogging keeps your website content fresh

The internet is social and interactive. It’s no longer static and a website can no longer exist if it is stands still. Blogging is one of the easiest ways to keep your content fresh and as a result drive your inbound marketing strategy. Fresh content also means improved SEO, as Google and other search engines tend to favour (and revisit) regularly updated websites.


4. Blogging is a great way to converse and engage with your audience

By providing your audience with excellent content you will develop mutually beneficial relationships and build a sustainable network that pays out over time. Simple tactics such as developing a blog responding to customer pain-points and adding a question at the end will encourage engagement and ultimately generate leads. Better still, use your blog to start a conversation on a given topic and encourage your customers and prospects to take part by leaving a comment.


5. Blogging will drive inbound links to your marketing website

Through making it easy for your audience to share your content and resources, you will increase your inbound links. Adding a sharing plugin to every blog post will make it easy for visitors to share your page via all the major social networks. Tools like AddThis and ShareThis enable this. They are easy to install and provide analytic tracking.

Finally, going back to our client who asked “Why should we bother adding a blog to our website? There’s already so much noise on the internet, what we say will be lost.” The key is to find your niche and serve your 'audience' better than anyone else out there. Slowly but surely, you'll build a relationship with these people (and when a blogging programme is planned effectively, these people just so happen to also be your top target prospects).


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