Family ties

07 April 2014| by Clare Russell

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Strong relationships and collaboration drive our industry, both from a scientific discovery and business development perspective. Many of our clients invest heavily in attending events, holding seminars and actively engaging within the community. We are no different! The close, friendly nature of our industry means that connections that are made early on evolve into long standing working relationships across many years. It is a special community which we value being part of enormously.

We love what we do and actively seek partners that share our passion to drive development, facilitate open discussion and enable collaboration. As part of this ongoing commitment, we hold dear our friendships and colleagues across the industry and as such invest significant time in building these communities via organisations such as the Life Science Network and by actively encouraging and supporting our clients to do the same within their specific communities.

As we talk about the importance of family and community spirit, today on the launch of BioStrata, we wanted to highlight our ongoing relationship with our US partner Chempetitive Group, from which our team was born. Led by myself and co-founder, Dr Paul Avery, previously known to many of our contacts as the Managing Partners of Chempetitive Group Europe, BioStrata will operate as a dedicated partner to our US colleagues. With overlapping skill sets, complementary geographical foci, and a shared passion and commitment for delivering results, the two companies will continue to provide smart and strategic marketing communications across our portfolio of clients and work together to build and develop the Life Science Network.

We look forward to continuing our work in collaboration with our friends and colleagues and invite you to visit our partner page to find out more about our other networks and activities.