Marketing with purpose: How your marketing skills can help change the world

23 October 2019| by Paul Avery

How can marketing change the world

Can marketers like us change the world? We believe so. But how? How can we use our marketing skills and talents to improve things for others? On the face of it, I guess it seems a bit unlikely, but our team at BioStrata is focused on doing exactly that. Our mission is to help our clients bring 100 game-changing products to market by 2030 and transform the world through the power of science. Below are three ways we’re working to change the world (and how you could too, if you choose to join our team).

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Changing the world through the power of science and technology

Across the planet, researchers are working to improve our lives by dissecting how diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s arise, developing new diagnostic tools and creating new treatments. Meanwhile, other scientists are exploring new renewable energies to reduce our impact on the environment or ensuring the security of our food supply.  

All of these people rely on a central component to drive progress in their fieldstechnology. Microscopes, assay kits, centrifuges, robotics, mass spectrometry instruments, gel documentation systems, water baths, freezers, pipettes and cuvettes. The list is endless. But without these technologies, scientific headway would not be possible.

That’s where BioStrata comes in. As a life science specialist marketing agency, we help connect scientists with the technologies they need to drive scientific progress using our skills as marketing experts. In recent years, our remit has extended beyond this to encompass all life science professionals, including those working in diagnostics, healthcare, agrichem, food technology and more.

Our team has specifically chosen to work in this sector because we love working with the companies and science experts that are changing the world every day. It’s our job to make sure that it’s easy for researchers and life science pros to find, understand and select exactly the right technologies and services for their needs. We’re not driven by money. We just want to go to sleep at night knowing we’re using our scientific knowledge and marketing skills to try and make life better for everyone, wherever we can.


Bringing innovation to the world of life science marketing

While indirectly changing the world in this way is great, we are always looking for ways to have a direct impact. To do that, we focus on changing the world of marketing through the launch of innovative approaches and new services.

For example, we recently launched the Life Science Newswire, a press release distribution and media engagement service built exclusively for life science companies. Using a sophisticated media relationship management system of our own design, the Life Science Newswire allows any company, large or small, to reach all the key editors and journalists in our industry with their story (regardless of their budget). We also pioneered the use of inbound marketing in the life science sector.

There will be new, exciting launches and updates in 2020 and beyond, many of them driven by ideas from across the agency. So, if you are the type of person who loves innovating and coming up with interesting ways to solve problems, you’ll love working at BioStrata.


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Redefining what companies should expect from marketing agencies

The final way in which we are trying to change the world is more subtle and it hinges on a phrase we’ve borrowed from the team over at ZenPilot (thanks Andrew and Gray!)“The Sins of Agencies Past”. Almost every client we encounter has been burned by an agency on a previous project at some point in time. Whether it is long-term retainer contracts that they cannot escape from (even though they are not getting any value), poor project management and communication, sloppy work, or large invoices with no evidence or detail about the work performed, we’ve heard it all.

We simply don’t work like that. We can’t. It’s just not in our DNA. For example, all of our retainers have a 30-day notice period and we provide detailed, monthly budget reports. Clients regularly praise our proactive project management (as it saves them a job and makes their lives easier) and can trust in the quality of our work thanks to our strict QC and QA processes. Put simply, we don’t just aim to produce high quality work, on time and on budgetwe deliver it.

Why do so many clients seem to have horror agency stories to tell? Does it really need to be this way? We think not, so we’re doing our best to reinvent the reputations of agencies, one project at a time.


What could you achieve with your marketing knowledge?

If you work in marketing, then you have a skill set that can help change the world. We’d love to help you realise that visionif you’d like to learn more, apply for one of the roles listed on our website, or if you'd like to be kept up to date on future opportunities at BioStrata, fill in the form below.