Why we’re on a mission to help launch 100 game-changing impacts by 2030

12 December 2022| by BioStrata Team

Game-changing mission

Our mission at BioStrata is to help life science companies bring 100 game-changing impacts to market by 2030 and transform the world through the power of science. But what do we really mean by this and why do we feel it’s important?

In this blog we’ll explain why we’re on this mission, what a game-changing product actually is, how we plan to achieve our mission, and how you can get involved by joining us (whether that’s as part of our team or working with us as a client).

The science behind our mission

The work done by academic scientists, industrial researchers, healthcare providers, and other life science professionals helps make the world a better place for everyone. This can include fundamental research into how the world works, or applied science to develop new medicines, better diagnose disease, tackle the climate crisis… the list goes on. However, these life science specialists can only do this important work if they have access to the very best technologies, tools and services they need to make real progress. That’s where BioStrata comes in.

People can only select and purchase things they’ve heard of, and they’ll only buy things they understand, from companies they trust. At BioStrata, we help life science companies overcome these challenges by helping them deliver messages that will truly resonate with the goals, needs and pain points of their target audiences. We then use a range of marketing tactics and channels to ensure these messages reach the people they need to, thus helping the organisation to:

  • increase market awareness of their products and services
  • generate sales leads
  • nurture leads into opportunities
  • provide sales teams with the materials and support they need to turn opportunities into customers.

We provide a win-win-win scenario: Scientists and other life science professionals get access to the tools they need, our clients are successful, and the world gets the scientific and healthcare improvements required to make the world a safer, healthier, cleaner place for everyone.


What do we mean by a game-changing offering?

A game-changing offering can be a broad range of things, but for us, it’s a product or service that is going to significantly improve the work or lives of scientists, healthcare providers and other life science professionals, giving them access to the very best tools and services they need to drive progress in their own fields.

An example of a game-changing product or service could be scientific equipment that makes the work carried out by scientists and other life science professionals more rapid or efficient, or perhaps makes their work more cost-effective. Other examples include software tools that allow them to conduct research in a new way that wasn’t possible before, or a service that enables products (like drugs) to reach the market faster. Ultimately, a game-changing product/service will help make the world a better place for everyone, often via indirect mechanisms that help improve how research and healthcare is conducted.

To learn more about some of the high-impact work we’ve done already with our clients, take a look at our case studies.

Hear more about our mission in this explainer video from our CEO, Dr Paul Avery.

How will we achieve our mission?

Launching 100 game-changing products won’t be easy. We’ll need to continue to develop and grow our team of excellent people and attract like-minded clients, with us all working together to deliver on this exciting mission. But it will all be worth it, as we’ll be able to look back in a few years’ time at all the game-changing products we helped launch, knowing that we helped to make a real difference in the world.

At BioStrata, we believe that by attracting and retaining like-minded people who live and breathe the same core values and who share the same passion for our mission, we can give everyone in our team the opportunity to reach their full potential, do great work together for our clients and enjoy themselves doing it. It’s our mission that inspires our team to do their best work for our clients every day. You can read more about our 7 core values in our blog post on this topic.

Our people-first approach makes BioStrata a great destination for future talent, so our clients can have confidence that our team will scale as their needs grow in the future, without any reduction in quality. For more info here, you can read about our business approach, covering our People, Purpose and Profit model in this blog post.

Not only do we have a team that shares the same core values as we do, but we work with clients who share many of these values too. We’ve found that our clients love working with an agency that's as passionate about their business and customers as they are. That’s why our purpose of launching 100 game-changing life science products and services fits perfectly and is often in strong alignment with their own reason for existing.


Interested in joining our team?

If you have a passion for marketing, an interest in science and want to work in a place where your efforts can make a real difference in the world, then we’d love for you to apply for a role in our team. To learn more about what it’s like to work at BioStrata and to take a look at our open positions, visit our careers page.

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Interested in working with our team?

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