How outsourcing can reduce the stress of executing your content marketing strategy

19 October 2016| by Neha Karl


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Implementing a content marketing strategy can be stressful, especially when you’re targeting a niche market like the life science sector. Not only do you have to create consistently high-quality content that’s engaging and relevant to readers in the field, you also have to manage strategy while guiding potential customers along their unique buyer’s journey.

In the modern age of agile business models and lean methodologies, outsourcing key business processes has never been more popular. And because there are so many parts to a great content marketing strategy, outsourcing areas like content creation can boost efficiencies, help your business scale and keep your blood pressure in check.

Here are a few reasons why outsourcing elements of your content marketing strategy can reduce your stress levels and increase its overall effectiveness:

You’re free to focus on what you do best.

Nothing’s more stressful than not having enough time. For business owners, sweating over the details of executing a content marketing strategy can detract from activities that drive growth and their work on the company’s greater vision. Outsourcing is a great way to free up your time and internal resources to focus on those activities. Just make sure that, if you do choose to outsource, you partner with a company that understands your market and shares your passion. For more on choosing the right content marketing partner, check out our blog, “How to find the perfect partner for your life science content marketing needs.”

You don’t have to lose sleep over content creation.

Content creation is one of the most stressful parts of executing a content marketing strategy on your own. Creating high quality, informative and engaging content is time-consuming and can quickly become a headache when you’re trying to get a lot of content out on a regular basis. While content marketing is a great strategy for companies in the life science sector because they can tap into the diverse expertise and experience of their staff, it does add to their already high workload and stress levels. Outsourcing the bulk of your content creation doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t create any content in-house; rather, it will give you the buffer and breathing room to spend longer on high quality content.

Your marketing budget can go further.

Money (or lack thereof) and stress go hand in hand, and your marketing budget is no exception. While content marketing is cheaper than many other forms of marketing, it’s an expense nonetheless and can add up if you need to see results quickly. This cost is significantly compounded if you execute your entire strategy in-house, as you need dedicated content and strategy members on the team. By outsourcing key areas of your content marketing strategy, the money you save on building a team can be redirected into other growth-oriented areas of the company.

At BioStrata we have experience and knowledge in both the science and marketing sectors, which we combine to create powerful and impactful life science marketing strategies that are on point and on message. Entrusting your content marketing to an agency that not only understands your target market, but also speaks your language and knows marketing inside out, can reduce the stress of a content marketing strategy and add to its effectiveness.

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